Royal Palace was looking to launch an impactful campaign for the launch of their new spirit ‘King Louis’. They hired Cognitive Idea Lab to create an exciting series of unique and leading-edge ideas to create the branding.

We created a series of images encompassing the perception of Brave Tales being told here, in a way that evokes feeling in the audience about essence of their spirit ,King Louis.
Make the Unexpected Happen.
Achievers don’t wait for favorable conditions. They embrace great challenges, instead of accepting unfavorable conditions as an excuse.

To strike a chord between how Royal Palace encourages such achievers to strive forward, we drew inspiration from the commendable act of bravery of Philippe Petite from the movie “The Walk”. He is known for his high wire walk between the Twin towers of the world center, embracing a great challenge.

For their brand identity, we depicted his walk within a bottle of King Louis and creating an image of bravery,symbolising the unexpected to happen with King Louis.
Made for TOUGH guys with a SOFT side.
An extraordinary boss who rules with an iron fist can invoke fear & stress, and make the staff quiver each time he walks by.

But someone who knows how to roll up his sleeve and help get the job done and build his own fortune, needn’t have an ingrained tough personality! That personal softer side of him can also unravel with King Louis.

For the brand identity, we depict the contrast in personality of how this classic, modern Boss knows to strike balance between work and play, and Unwind after a long day at work with a glass of King Louis.
Bring out the HERO in you.
What drives one to perform even when scared to death? 
All it takes is an act of heroism. 

To make an impression of how King Louis comes as an aid to such a warrior, we portray a sailor turned into a warrior who conquers all Risk at a rough & uncertain sea, endangering his own life, only to save many other lives.

For their brand identity, we portray the image of such a man enjoying a glass of the drink, symbolising how King Louis brings out the Hero in you.
COMFORT in Revelry and Solace.
Hard work paying off into tremendous accomplishments, calls for a boisterous party. But when the efforts don’t pay off as expected, one can look for recluse, leaving oneself with time to get back on their feet.

Drawing inspiration from this, we perfectly showcase how one can find comfort in revelry and solidarity with ‘King Louis” for their brand identity.

We create a sync to depict how a glass of King Louis remains constant in the same room of celebratory bash and a man in solidarity.
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